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Tyler Gumm

“He’s been described as handsome, charming, daring, and …..tall. You can hear his ruggedly witty voice weekday afternoons on KFM. Knoxville-native Tyler Gumm, at 6’6, is huge in the broadcasting industry. Gumbo-liath, as he’s called in his closest inner circles, earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations from Monmouth College in 2007, and got his first start in radio at age of 23 back in 2008. When he’s not fly-fishing off the coast of Spain or swimming with sharks in the arctic waters near Alaska, you can find Tyler researching the frivolous mysteries of the human condition or writing poetry inside his hand-made bungalow on the outskirts of town. When asked about his massive local impact, Oscar award-winning actor Tom Hanks said, “Tyler, who?” Tyler has been with Galesburg Broadcasting since 2017 – the year of the Dragon. When he’s not at work, Tyler likes to spend time with his son Dragon and his daughter Gertrude.”

A 2003 graduate of Knoxville High School and 2007 graduate of Monmouth College, he started in radio in sales in 2008. In 2017 he joined Galesburg Broadcasting and currently does afternoons on 105.3 KFM. He and his wife Makenzie and two kids Beau and Luna live in an over 100 year old farmhouse built by his great-grandfather. Tyler is a die-hard Chicago Bears, Bulls, Cubs and Illini fan.


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