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Mental Floss Trivia

MENTAL FLOSS TRIVIA: When it comes to flagpoles. This is called a finial. What is it? ANSWER: The ball at the top of the flagpole! WINNER: Thad Jackson of Galesburg Tune in weekday mornings at […]

Member of the Day

Congratulations to today’s KFM On-The-Job Club Member of the Day. Glenda Carruthers of Galesburg who will be mailed a $20 Happy Joe’s Gift Certificate. Not a member? You can join the club for your chance […]

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86 Year Old Sinks 94 Foot Putt to Win Car

During the Ole Miss men’s basketball game against Alabama on Saturday night as part of the Cannon Motors of Mississippi Putt for a Car challenge, 86-year old Mary Ann Wakefield was selected to try and […]

Biggest Laundry Myths

USA Today has come out with the 3 Biggest Laundry Myths, Using more detergent and water makes for a better clean. Extra water just dilutes the detergent, plus it causes clothes to float and get farther away […]

KFC Crocs

In case you haven’t noticed, Crocs are having a moment right now. The brand is cool with everyone from Gen Z to your grandma. But something tells me it’s about to get even MORE beloved because Crocs […]

More and More Couples Are Doing This

It seems more and more couples are sleeping in seperate beds. Mostly because they aren’t sleeping well due to conflicting work schedules or a partner snores. And while some worry separate beds could be bad […]

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Box Office Numbers

Sonic the Hedgehog edged out The Call of the Wild by less than $2 million at the box office to remain the top movie for a second straight weekend.  Sonic earned $26.3 million, taking its 10-day total to $106.6 million. Harrison […]

Meghan Trainor’s Dad Struck By Car

Singer Meghan Trainor spent the weekend in the hospital at her father’s bedside. He’s listed in stable condition and expected to fully recover from his injuries. While walking across a Los Angeles street, 71-year-old Gary Trainor was struck by […]