Business of the Day Winners

Congratulations to our latest $100 winners in KFM’s On-The-Job Club Business of the Day: 1/31: Jessica Gibbons of Galesburg 1/30: Debbie Turner of Galesburg 1/27: Gloria Osborn of Galesburg 1/26: Sharon Watkins of London Mills […]

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Mental Floss Trivia

MENTAL FLOSS TRIVIA: The average person buys less than two feet of what a year? ANSWER: Dental Floss! Mental Floss Trivia Archives

What’s New to View on DVD

No major movie releases on DVD this week, but there are a couple of direct-to-video releases. There’s the comedy Angry Neighbors starring Stockard Channing and Cheech Marin. And there’s the historical war film Battle for […]

Mental Floss Trivia Archives

MENTAL FLOSS TRIVIA: This happens 6,900 times a year at U.S. hospitals. ANSWER: Triplets Are Born. – MENTAL FLOSS TRIVIA: The Carpenter’s song ‘We’ve Only Just Begun’ was originally a commercial jingle for what? ANSWER: […]

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