Meet January’s KFM Teacher of the Month

The latest KFM Teacher of the Month is Danielle Carter, a Chemistry teacher at United High School in Monmouth. Danielle was nominated by Alisa Gillen, whose son is a student in Danielle’s class.  As KFM’s Teacher of the Month, Danielle receives the Big Red Apple Award along with a $100 gift card and other gifts courtesy of Galesburg Nissan, Tompkins State Bank, Lacky Monuments, Cooks & Company, and 105.3 KFM. Here’s a little bit more about Danielle:

Where did you grow up? Monmouth
Years teaching: 9
Favorite part of teaching: Is the fact it’s never boring and it’s always different every day
Favorite subject growing up: Math
Favorite subject to teach: Chemistry
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Least Favorite Food: Anything with mustard
Favorite Movies: Don’t have one
Favorite TV Shows: Don’t have one
Favorite Sports Team: Don’t have one
What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to spend time with my family
Something about me that you may not know: We are currently expecting and I am due any day now!

Here’s what Alisa had to say about Danielle:

What sets this teacher apart from others?
What can I say Danielle Carter is an amazing woman, teacher, and friend. I feel she is not appreciated enough by her faculty, students and parents. For example Mrs Carter teaches chemistry 1&2, Biology 1, Human anatomy and physiology, Dynamics of the universe and is on the Prom committee. Even though she doesn’t have to she Helps students fill out Fafsa and college scholarships. Mrs. Carter is always available for the students if they need extra help with her homework assignments. Danielle expects a lot of her students and pushes them for excellence! Mrs Carter is a Superior Teacher and deserves this recognition!
What is one thing this teacher does that is not in their job description but they do it anyway to help you or your child?
Mrs. Carter is always available to lend an ear when my son needs someone to talk to. It’s not easy to find a teacher that You can trust and confide in. Not to mention always available for extra help if you don’t understand your homework assignments. What is truly awesome is she has her assignments graded right away.
Mrs Carter also graduated from United high school and really cares about the kids!
Give an example of a way this teacher has helped or impacted you or your child
My son Grant had Mrs. Carter for chemistry one and two. She helped my son fill out his FAFSA And helped him fill out applications for financial aid since my son is graduating next year to help him with college.

Once again, congratulations Danielle Carter for being named January’s KFM Teacher of the Month from Galesburg Nissan, Tompkins State Bank, Cooks & Company, Lacky Monuments and 1o5.3 KFM

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