Go Easy on the Earbuds

Did your mother ever tell you not to stick anything in your ear smaller than your elbow? It’s a funny little joke, but it’s a good life lesson. The inside of the ear is very delicate, and as it turns out, shouldn’t be messed with. That includes putting earbuds in your ears every day.

Doctors have reported seeing a surge in ear infections among adults — and in many cases, it has to do with frequent earbud use. Ears naturally produce wax for lubrication in the ear canal and as a self cleaning mechanism. When that wax can’t leave the ear because it’s being blocked in by earbuds, infections occur.

According to doctors, these infections are extremely painful — and in many cases smelly. On top of the blocked canal, the earbuds themselves get dirty with old wax, dirt, dead skin cells and sweat. They don’t get cleaned properly and they get shoved right back into the ear.

Doctors say using over-the-ear headphones is a healthier option. But if you are going to stick with your earbuds, be sure to give your ears a breather and wash your earbuds every single day with an alcohol wipe. Oh, and don’t ever share earbuds. (Daily Motion)