PARENTING:Things You Shouldn’t Save for Your Kids

Do you have a collection of items tucked away in the attic to give to your children when they get older, or for them to inherit? Maybe you should re-think that a little bit. After all, how much of your parents’ stuff do you have in your home?

Country Living has put together a list of six things you should just get rid of instead of saving for your kids.

  • Antique furniture: Big, heavy, ornate furniture is out of style, and doesn’t sell very well, either.
  • Coin collections: Most of them aren’t even worth what you paid for them back in the day.
  • Silver: Sure, there are spikes in the market sometimes, but right now, silver is down to $18 an ounce, meaning most of your good silver really isn’t that valuable.
  • China: People don’t have formal dinner parties with fine china anymore.
  • Dolls: Forget keeping all those Barbies. They don’t hold their value anymore, and the younger generation just isn’t interested.
  • Rugs: Geometric patterns are in and Oriental rugs are out. So unless your rugs are top of the line, don’t bother hanging onto them.