Meet February’s KFM Teacher of the Month

February’s KFM Teacher of the Month is Trish Crall, a 4th grade teacher at United West Elementary School in Little York. Trish was nominated by Trisha Hodges, whose daughter Natalie is a student in her class.

As KFM’s Teacher of the Month, Trish receives the Big Red Apple Award along with a $100 gift card and other gifts courtesy of Galesburg Nissan, Tompkins State Bank, Lacky Monuments, Cooks & Company, Art Defined Studios and 105.3 KFM. Here’s a little bit about Trish:

Where did you grow up? Florida
Years teaching: 8 (3rd year at United)
Favorite Subject Growing Up: Writing
Favorite Subject To Teach:
Favorite Food: Pizza
Least Favorite Food: Vegatables
My Favorite Movie: Goonies
My Favorite TV Show: Micky Mouse Club House with my daughter
My Favorite Book: The Notebook; Harry Potter
Favorite Sports Team: Florida Gators
During My Spare Time I Like To:
Spending time with family 

Here’s what Trisha and Natalie had to say about Trish:

What sets this teacher apart from others?
She will talk me through things like Math. She is always kind. She is always generous. She is very loving. She has a way to make every student feel special. She makes it easy to go to school every day. She is fun. She cares about her students.

What is one thing this teacher does that is not in their job description but they do it anyway to help you or your child?
She makes Natalie feel like she matters. Natalie is her own person. She is just not another student and its just not another day. Mrs. Crall makes all the students feel important and special. Natalie feels like she can be herself. Other teachers have not made her feel that way. Mrs. Crall loves each student individually no matter good or bad. She loves them for them. She can talk with Mrs. Crall about anything and she know Mrs. Crall will not judge her.

Give an example of a way this teacher has helped or impacted you or your child.
Mrs. Crall has made Natalie love school. Natalie always has a smile on her face knowing she gets to see Mrs Crall everyday. She enjoys school and Natalie has blossomed since she has been in Mrs. Crall’s class. She can be herself and she knows that it is ok with Mrs. Crall. I have seen a change in Natalie personality since being in Mrs. Crall’s class. She is always happy.

Congratulations Trish Crall, February’s KFM Teacher of the Month from Galesburg Nissan, Tompkins State Bank, Lacky Monuments, Cooks & CompanyArt Defined Studios and 105.3 KFM.

Listen to the presentation:

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