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Weaver pushing for registered apprenticeship programs at local schools

A local lawmaker wants to offer high school students other opportunities besides college. 

37th District State Senator Chuck Weaver wants to see career focused apprenticeship programs set up at local schools.  That’s the push behind his Senate Bill 3226. Weaver said that while in Springfield, the one thing that both sides of the aisle agrees on is: “job growth solves most of our problems.”

“To grow our job market in Illinois, there’s a number of things we have to do,” Weaver told RFD Illinois. “We have to have people willing to invest. Of course, we need to get to market. Also, you have to have a really good workforce that employers will say “I can find the right people in the that state and in that community and I can grow my business there.” The Peoria Republican’s legislation would direct the Illinois State Board of Education to establish guidelines allowing local high school students over the age of 16 to enroll in registered vocational apprenticeship programs. Also, the United States Department of Labor would have to sign off on the programs. Weaver’s legislation has won approval in the Illinois Senate and now awaits action in the Illinois House.

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