Worst Wedding Gifts

Giving a wedding gift is pretty easy. You either give cash or buy something off the registry. No need to get creative. There’s a reason why the newlyweds set up a registry. THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT!!!! Unfortunately, not every wedding guest follows the rules and the happy couple often gets stuck with some pretty bad gifts.

When Delish.com asked brides to reveal the worst wedding gifts they got from guests who decided to go off registry, they didn’t hold back.

Here are the some of the worst wedding gifts real couples had to send thank-yous for!

  • One teacup saucer with the names of the gift givers engraved on it.
  • Cookies – and they weren’t even good cookies.
  • A used cookbook with pages ripped out and notes added in the margins.
  • 20 pounds of bacon.
  • A book on how to deal with divorce.
  • A small bottle of Hello Kitty wine and 2 mismatched wine glasses.
  • Re-gifted measuring cups.
  • A basket containing the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, a loaf of expired bread and a container of salt.
  • A used coffee thermos and a yellow bath towel.