Cerar closing two Monmouth restaurants; Barnstormer and Petey’s

Two local favorite dining establishments in Monmouth would be closing their doors.Monmouth Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Amy Patterson confirmed to WGIL that Cerar’s Barnstorm and Petey’s Pub and Grill will be closing.

However since this story’s original posting Cerar has told The Register Mail the restaurants are in danger of closing and he’d still “working things out.”

Also several social media posts by employees and management that seemed to indicate the closure.

Patterson says she was told from Kevin Cerar of the planned closing prior to the Wednesday’s Chamber luncheon. The Barnstormer was where the Chamber regularly held those luncheons.

WGIL has reached out to Cerar, so far to no avail.

Patterson didn’t have an exact date for the two restaurants closing but calls it a loss to the Monmouth community.

“It’s a loss to lose such established, notable businesses here in Monmouth,” Patterson says. “Kevin was a great community partner, as well as having two local businesses in town.”

Cerar also owns Galesburg’s Packinghouse Dining Company. He tells The Register Mail said that it is staying open as well but is also in danger of closing.

According to the Barnstormer website, Kevin Cerar took over the establishment from his father Bernie in 2003, and first opened in 1985.