Tracy backs legislation for victims of sex crimes

Senate Bill 2271 corrects an anomaly in the existing statute of limitations for sexual abuse or sexual assault. 47th District State Senator Jil Tracy sponsored the legislation. The initiative extends the statute of limitations to allow for the prosecution of a sexual offense committed against an adult within one year after the victim’s discovery. “None of the provisions for the provided extensions for the statute of limitations contemplate the possibility of a criminal sexual assault or criminal sexual abuse not being discovered by an adult victim until after the felony statute of limitations has expired.” The measure stems from Adams County Illinois where a defendant’s computer, being searched for a separate crime, also found to have recordings of a sexual crime taking place without the knowledge of the victim. Since the statute of limitations had expired, the charges were dropped. Tracy said “discovery” should no doubt begin from when the victim discovers the crime – not from the day it was committed. The criminal law measure was unanimously approved by the State Senate and now heads to the Illinois House of Representatives. The House has until May 31st to approve the bill.