Meet April’s KFM Teacher of the Month

April’s KFM Teacher of the Month is Becky Robinson, a Special Education teacher at Silas Willard School in Galesburg. Becky was nominated by Gretchen Conzalez who has a son in Becky’s class. As KFM’s Teacher of the Month, Becky receives the Big Red Apple Award along with a $100 gift card and other gifts courtesy of Galesburg Nissan, Tompkins State Bank, Lacky Monuments, Cooks & Company and 105.3 KFM. Here’s a little bit about Becky Robinson:

Where did you grow up? Canton
Years teaching: 8 1/2
Favorite Subject Growing Up: History
Favorite Subject To Teach: Language Arts
Favorite Food: Pizza
Least Favorite Food: I don’t know. I’ll try just about anything
My Favorite Movie: Iron Man or Batman
My Favorite TV Show: Fixer Upper
My Favorite Book: Harry Potter
My Favorite Sports Team: Chicago Cubs
During My Spare Time I Like To: Read

Here’s what Gretchen had to say about Becky Robinson:

What sets this teacher apart from others?

Miss Robinson is my son’s special education teacher. She goes above and beyond for him in every way imaginable! She is patient, kind, and empathetic. Miss Robinson is truly Jacob’s champion and I appreciate that more than I could ever express.

What is one thing this teacher does that is not in their job description but they do it anyway to help you or your child?
The 1st day of school for a child with Autism is a truly heart-wrenching experience for a parent. You worry about your child being misunderstood, “labeled” as a “bad” kid, and so on. But, the second I met Miss Robinson, she took many of those fears away. She is like Jacob’s second mother and I couldn’t be happier about that! She shows empathy. She is always trying new and innovative ways to help my son learn. Jacob adores Miss Robinson!

Give an example of a way this teacher has helped or impacted you or your child.
She has made school a welcoming place for Jacob. She always has a smile on her face and my son asks if he can go back to school every night!

Congratulations Becky for being named April’s KFM Teacher of the Month from Galesburg Nissan, Tompkins State Bank, Lacky Monuments, Cooks & Company and 105.3 KFM

Listen to the presentation:

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