#IChooseGalesburg part of Galesburg Heart & Soul Project

A new initiative for the Galesburg Heart & Soul Project has been “I Choose Galesburg.” 

Part of the process for community revitalization through the Heart & Soul Project is to focus on the positives of our community. Kevin Maynard, Executive Director of the Orpheum Theatre who is also involved in the project says, “I think that the big thing is that I Choose Galesburg is a great way for our local community to talk about why you love Galesburg and why we choose to stay here and live in Galesburg. There’s been a lot of commentary about people leaving the community. Sometimes we have this woes is us mentality, but the fact is, there’s a lot of really great things happening here.” Heart & Soul in Galesburg is rounding out the end of their focus groups – eight have been held thus far. According to Deb Moreno individuals have listed off several things they appreciate about Galesburg which include: an inspiring history, potential for creative growth, the community feel of Galesburg, and Galesburg’s small town charm and big town proximity. Through the project, community members are encouraged to take to social media with their reasons and stories of the positives in town with #IChooseGalesburg. Find out more at www.galesburgheartandsoul.com