Galesburg Council puts budget on display and proposes new fees

Galesburg residents will be able to give their input on the city’s proposed 2018 budget tonight with a public hearing before the regularly scheduled meeting.

It will be a night in which council will also decide on some items related to the budget.

There will be various rate adjustments for city services up for consideration like some in the parks and rec and city clerk departments.

Three new brand new fees are being proposed; fees for acquiring a towing company license, an electrical contractor license or a gaming terminal license. If approved these fees would go into affect on Jan. 1 of next year.

Coinciding with the budgeting process, the council also will have a resolution before them, stating their intention to not raise the property tax levy by more than 5 percent.

Also another property donated to the city from Wells Fargo will in turn be donated to Project Rebound to be refurbished and sold to a first time home owner.

The Council, after some delay, will get back to approving a bid to overhaul the west restroom/shower room at city owned Alison Campground.

The council previously tabled the pair of bids they got back which allowed contractors to submit proposals to either replace or renovate the facility.

Bond Construction and Bishop Brothers, Inc. were the companies who submitted, both when the item originally came up and currently. Both times Bond Construction submitted a cheaper bid of about $98,000 to renovate while Bishop Brother was more expensive proposing to rebuild.

The city only originally budgeted $70,000 for the project but City Manager Todd Thompson says the project is pricier because of the need to make the facility compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

About 4,500 campsites were rented at the grounds last year.

The bathroom’s structure is unsound according to city staff and the plumbing is original to the building.