Delay in changing the venue for the Knox County Board meetings

The Knox County Finance Committee had a busy night, but they did receive some news regarding the moving of county board meetings to the Galesburg City Council Chambers.

County Clerk Scott Erickson informed the committee that even though the county had approved the move last month, he said that this month they’d still hold the meeting in the courthouse.

Erickson called the sudden change a bump in the road, saying “So we’re back at the courthouse for another month. I would encourage and ask board members to contact their council members to encourage them to allow us to use the facility. Not exactly sure where the bump in the road came, but somehow it got pulled.”

On top of that, the Finance Committee also approved several different resolutions.

The committee heard a presentation and approved the premium for liability insurance, and workman’s comp as well as several transfers and account allocations for different county funds.

Also approve was an annual additional gate fee to be charged at the Knox County Landfill.

Additionally County Treasurer Robin Davis brought forward to the committee a proposal to have county assets inventoried for insurance purposes.

Commenting on how long it’s been since the county took inventory of property, she said “We can properly make sure we are getting the premiums and we’re covering the right property. We’re having a difficulty getting it from department heads. And so, it’s probably been – I want to say – ten years since we’ve done a full-blown asset inventory update.”

The committee approved the proposal for $9,000.