Knox County Nursing Home to get air conditioning unit upgrade

Last night the Knox County Building Committee approved a bid for almost $23,000 for work being done on the H-VAC system at the County Nursing Home.
According to Ron Harris, the older units are outdated and are being upgraded over the course of several years.

After the approval was given, Cody Basham of Klingner and Associates brought forward to the committee several invoices that needed paid.

Work continues to be done on the exterior of the Knox County Courthouse – making improvements to the facade of the historic building.

Basham informed the board members of the progress being made.

According to Basham, concrete is being poured Wednesday morning on the north and east stairs. He also brought forward to the committee the drawings for the electrical and plumbing replacement at the courthouse as well.

When asked about the costs for the work being done Basham said “I’m estimating if you went in to construction you should probably expect a bid close to $1.1 million.”

Committee members discussed the timing of the interior electrical, looking down the road five years to pay for the work.

Additionally the committee paid several bills totaling $91,212.

Approved were payments to Otto Baum for $63,394 as well as two payments totaling $5,600 for work that was done on the Knox County Jail.

Lastly was payment to Klingner and Associates for the evaluation of the jail for a total of $9,500.