Weaver vows not to override Gov. on education funding

Senator Chuck Weaver tries to to regularly hold town halls and public meetings to hear from constituents and last night he was at the Galesburg Public Library.
The Republican took questions from both those who agreed with him and those who didn’t.

The Senator took the opportunity voiced his support for the Governor’s amendatory veto of education funding bill SB1.

Weaver also says a part of the bill, $100 million in school scholarships to attend private Catholic schools are a tax credit and don’t take money from the SB1 or amendatory veto model.

Weaver says he supports the measure.
He said he wants to help Chicago Public Schools but not at the expense of being fair to all other districts.

“I don’t think there’s a person in this room that doesn’t want to help kids in poverty, the problem is currently in the evidence based models, poverty concentration is factored into that. Does anyone know what Chicago Public Schools is paying per student? $15,120. I was in Germantown today and they’re paying about $6,500 per student.”

The Senator did give out his cellphone number and invited all constituents to reach him as they wish.
You can reach him at 309-360-4779.