Knox County Sheriff Department warns of possible phone scam

The Knox County Sheriff’s Department received information of a potential phone scam in the area. 

A local resident received a phone call from a person claiming to be an employee of Comcast Cable. The caller asked many questions, and then asked permission to re-configure the email and windows app on the potential victims computer. The caller then hung up. A second phone call came through from a different individual asking the same basic information. The area code for the fist call came up 281 – an area code in the Houston Texas area. The second area code came up as 707 – an area code in California. Comcast does not have either of the two phone numbers registered within their system. The cable company also does not have email reconfiguration or windows app services. Comcast is headquartered in Philadelphia – and the customer service numbers are either 800 or 855 numbers. The Knox County Sheriff advises that if a similar phone call is received you should hang up immediately; and information should never be exchanged over the phone.