Monmouth Chamber hires Amy Patterson as Director

Amy Patterson is the new director of the Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce. 
The chamber announced Patterson’s hiring in an email released on Wednesday. 

Formerly she was a reporter for Stark County News covering local government, community events and wrote a slate of feature articles.

Patterson says that she “really learned a lot in that position”, crediting her reporting tenure as where she found a heart for local businesses and the struggles they face.
She steps into this position from Prairie Radio Communications, the radio group in Monmouth that owns WRAM, WMOI and WAIK, where she worked for three years as a marketing consultant.

“It really helped develop my marketing skills and think about what’s best for businesses and different things are better for some businesses than others. The newspaper business really helped me to be able to talk to people confidently, ask questions, clarify things,” Patterson says.

Aside from her professional life she’s also been engaged in several community groups and activities.

She’s helped to put together BaconFest, Market Alley Music Days, Armoury Christmas and serves on the board of Warren County Crimestoppers.

Patterson graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University with a degree in accounting.