Wilder weighs in on the unresolved budget issues in Illinois

The state’s unresolved budget issues could have a major impact on whether Illinois school districts open in August, September, or even at all.

With no budget being passed today, then the state moves into it’s third year without one and schools start looking at the calendar to figure out when to start, and how long they can keep the doors open.

District 202 Superintendent Steve Wilder says that Knoxville has three options. The first being to open on time, which they are currently scheduled to do so. A second option, that Wilder said doesn’t save money was also given to the board would push the school year back a few weeks to increase the pressure on the state to get a budget done.

Wilder says the final – worst case scenario – option for the district is to delay the start of the school year until as late as October.

He says that option would lead to the elimination of many breaks during an normal school year and would be very hard on both students and teachers.

“You know… you thought May 31st was the pressure point, well that didn’t happen. You think today is the pressure point, and it may or may not happen.” says Wilder, “July 10th, so I’ve heard, is one potential next pressure point. That’s the first day that state employees would expect to receive a paycheck and may not get it there’s not a state budget in place.  If that doesn’t happen… the start of school may be the next pressure point.”