Proposed ordinance would expand where food trucks can park

There are currently six food trucks operating around Galesburg but a proposed new ordinance is designed to draw more to the area.
Right now trucks like Jerry’s Mojo and Boss Food Truck pay a $150 fee to the city clerk and can only park on private property.

If it was approved this ordinance would have it so a food truck owner would pay a $250 fee and be able to park on designated public streets.

Kyle Kelley with the Knox Area Partnership for Economic Development says some of the things that food trucks and brick and mortar restaurants have bickered over include permit fees, parking restrictions and trash pick-up

The partnership along with City Attorney Brad Nolden drafted an ordinance that they say would address all three of those concerns

Kelley says that the ordinance would also give City Manager Todd Thompson authority to designate the zones that food trucks would restricted from.

“That way we have liquidity in changing or amending any places that the food trucks can park and serve food,” Kelley says.

Nolden says that another option was considered to let food trucks park anywhere as long as they were so many feet from a restaurant but logistics of enforcing that seem difficult.

On the subject of trash pick-up, the ordinance would require that trucks provide their own trash receptacle and clean up any trash within a 50 foot radius.

Otherwise food trucks would have to follow other state and local laws that restaurants have to follow.