Run Galesburg Run going on Sunday morning

Run Galesburg Run is getting underway Sunday morning here in Galesburg and turnout could reach a record high.
Race organizer Dave Dunn says the most runners they’ve ever seen has been 808 racers, but he thinks that this years numbers could be even higher.

“Right now we’re at 751, so that probably means we’ll have another 100 to 150, so we’ll probably go 850. We could hit 900 if everything goes right and the weather forecast is good.” Dunn says.

Dunn says that the growth of the one mile run has surprised him, and contributes it to sponsorship involvement. 

He also commended the volunteers who help make Run Galesburg Run a success every year, helping man the different posts, but also helping with the tear down after the event is over.

Dunn says that they have all the volunteers they need, with some extras on call for backup.