Representative Hammond opposes House Democrat education bill

On Monday Democrats in the House passed legislation which they say would help keep college students from going out of state for higher education.
The bill would provide full-time Illinois students, who attend public university or community college, with a yearly grant that maxes out at 4-thousand dollars.

Republican Representative Norine Hammond of Macomb spoke on the house floor in opposition of the bill, which she says is opposed by education groups as well.

Indeed the Illinois Student Assistance Commission is opposed to this bill as is the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the two entities that help guide us on issues of higher education in the state of Illinois,” Hammond says.

Hammond, who called the bill laudable, said that there are currently 26 other grant programs in Illinois that assist students with higher education.

She said that with the cuts to higher education over the last 15 years, balancing the budget is more critical and helpful to higher ed.