Kennedy says school funding formula needs to be abandoned

Chris Kennedy is a candidate for Governor on the Democratic side that was in the area yesterday.
There was much disgust from school leaders this week over legislators and the governor failing to agree on a budget and how inequitable the state’s k-12 education funding formula is.

Kennedy agrees with local superintendents, at least in the fact that school funding formula has got to go.

“We need to abandon the system we have,” Kennedy says. “We don’t need to reform the system, we need to abandon it. We need to pay for the schools at the state level and not solely through local property taxes as we do now.”

He also criticized Gov. Bruce Rauner for taking the state “hostage” over his turnaround agenda.

Kennedy came to Illinois in the 1980’s to work for Archer Daniels Midland, after growing up as the son of the late Robert and Ethel Kennedy.

You can listen to the Will Stevenson’s full interview with Kennedy by linking on this link.