Galesburg library trustees consider going ‘fine free’

Imagine never again being fined for returning a library book late.
That soon may be a reality for Galesburg library goers.

Galesburg Public Library Director Harriet Zipfel has asked the board of trustees to consider making the library fine free.

Currently they charge 10 cents a day for books, DVDs and other materials that are overdue.

Zipfel says that staff noticed that when the library has fine-free days that patrons will come into have their fees eliminated but they also bring the materials that are overdue.

“Fines create some ill will in dealing with patrons so it would be nice to eliminate that,” Zipfel says. “The income we get from it is less than 1 percent of the revenue that we generate every year.”

Fees would still be assessed for materials that are never returned.

This measure is still under consideration and it’s unclear when the trustees will take a vote, if one comes at all.

The fine-free library concept was first introduced to central Illinois when Brimfield went fine free a few years ago and last September when Peoria Heights Public Library did away with their fines.