Meet May’s KFM Teacher of the Month

May’s KFM Teacher of the Month is Denise Mann, a 6th grade teacher at Monmouth Central. Denise was nominated by Linda Putnam whose grandaughter Riley was in her class. As KFM’s Teacher of the Month, Denise receives the Big Red Apple Award along with a $100 gift card and a dish garden courtesy of Galesburg Nissan, Tompkins State Bank, Galesburg Flower Company and Lacky Monuments. Here’s a little bit about Mrs Mann:

Where did you grow up? Milford, Illinois
Years teaching: 25
Favorite Subject Growing Up: Science (with band and chorus close behind)
Favorite Subject To Teach: Science
Favorite Food: Coffee (if you can call that food! lol)
Least Favorite Food: Liver
My Favorite Movie: Remember The Titans
My Favorite TV Show: Madam Secretary
My Favorite Book: Mockingbird Series
My Favorite Sports Team: Cubs, Bears, Bulls
During My Spare Time I Like To: Spending it with my grandkids, walk, garden, golf

Here’s what Linda Putnam had to say about Denise Mann:

What sets this teacher apart from others?
Mrs. Mann was my granddaughter Riley’s 6th grade teacher when Riley became sick. During this time the support that she gave was unreal, even coming to the house and home schooling Riley when she wasn’t in the hospital. The support that gave to Riley and her classmates during this time was unreal. There are a lot of other teachers who also helped but Mrs Mann was the best. They can all tell stories of Riley.

What is one thing this teacher does that is not in their job description but they do it anyway to help you or your child?
Support for Riley and her brothers.

Give an example of a way this teacher has helped or impacted you or your child.
She was there during hard times. She has helped Riley’s classmates get through this. And the pineapple is still hanging above her classroom door.

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