Sidewalk work to be done on Cherry Street

The City of Galesburg has plans to replace the sidewalk on the east side of Cherry Street this year. Wayne Carl, the city’s Director of Planning and Public Works, says the section of sidewalk that will be replaced will between Main and Simmons streets, provided that there are sufficient funds. The Downtown Development Plan details staining the existing concrete red to create a contrasting amenity border along the street, as well as listing an optional enhancement of using unit pavers. Carl continues saying that they are proposing brick or concrete pavers to fill a twenty-four inch wide border space behind the curb, adding “it would look nicer to run a border of black pavers along the sidewalk.”

The proposal has been sent out to members of the Downtown Council board. He says that plans decided for Cherry street will be a common theme for what is adapted for downtown, in accordance with Massie and Massie’s plan. The plan is to use this pattern for the sidewalk in front of the parking lot redesign at Park Plaza on the Simmons street side.