ROWVA community night to shine spotlight on positives in district

The stress being put on local school districts by the state of Illinois can sometime overshadow good things happening in schools. That’s why ROWVA Superintendent Joe Sornberger (SORN-burge-er)is doing what’s in his power to foster positive things in District 208 schools and let the community know about them. Sornberger tells WGIL that ROWVA has a rich history of academic excellence and community involvement.

“I’ve told our people,” explains Sornberger, “kinda like Morgan Freeman you know, get busy living or get busy dieing, the state of Illinois isn’t helping us out but we have to help ourselves out so we got some things going on like this open house.”

The community is invited to ROWVA’s Community Night on Thursday from 5 to 8. The schools will be showing class work and things that are worth shining a light on. Sornberger talks about genius hour projects where they ask students what they want to learn about and with guidance, generate projects. One group of students decided to make the school look better so they’re organizing a scheme to decorate and organize school hallways. At the elementary level there students working on a Lego model on Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house. Sornberger has encouraged staff to use social media to promote good things happening at the school because he says that’s the easiest way to let people know the good things happening