National election trends hold in Knox County area

Galesburg didn’t flip Republican in November’s presidential election but traces of national trends were still felt. Democrat Hillary Clinton got a smaller share of the Galesburg vote than any Democrat since at least 1992. In that same time period the only Republican to get a larger share than Republican Donald Trump’s 39 percent was George W. Bush in 2004. Overall Knox County opted for Trump by about 70 votes after breaking for Barack Obama twice. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson got more votes than any 3rd party candidate in Galesburg since Ross Perot’s two campaigns in the 90’s with about 5 percent. Warren County maintains its status as a Bellwether county, having voted the way the nation would eventually go in every presidential election at least dating back to 1988. Trump won Warren County with almost 55 percent of the vote. Fulton County also flipped to GOP which has historically broken for Democratic presidential candidates, at least in the last four cycles. Trump won every county that touches Knox except for Peoria.