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November’s KFM Teacher of the Month is Molly Schaeffer a special education teacher at Lombard Middle School in Galesburg. She was nominated by Mike Hall, who’s son is a student in her class.

As KFM’s Teacher of the Month, Mrs Schaeffer receives the Big Red Apple Award along with a $100 gift card and other prizes courtesy of Galesburg Nissan, Tompkins State Bank, Galesburg Flower Company and Lacky Monuments, Here’s a little bit about Mrs Schaeffer:

Where did you grow up?

Years teaching: 14

Favorite Subject Growing Up: Writing

Favorite Subject To Teach: Writing/Reading/Social Skills

Favorite Food: Pasta

Least Favorite Food: Tomatoes

My Favorite Movie: Armageddon

My Favorite Book: Twilight/Harry Potter

On my spare time I like to: 

And here’s what Mike had to say about Mrs Schaeffer:

What sets this teacher apart from others? Mrs Schaeffer is a special education teacher. She takes her students under her arms and gives them the over and above help that they need. A lot of people don’t realize the help some of these kids need. They are special kids that have a special teacher.

What is one thing this teacher does that is not in their job description but they do it anyway to help you or your child? When my son, who as autism, accomplishes a feat that she has worked with him on and encouraged him to do, she makes sure we get a text of what he’s done or a picture of him doing it. When he doesn’t feel good and not himself she lets us know with either a note or a text. Some people don’t realize when you have a special needs child how important these little things are and mean to me.

Give an example of a way this teacher has helped or impacted you or your child? My son is autistic and has always had a difficult time in school (not wanting to go, not wanting to do homework, etc). Mrs Schaeffer has worked with him to the point where he likes school. Many of the people know my son tell us, as we have noticed, how much has changed. She has him doing things that he has had a difficult time before. She never gives up and pushes him to do things she knows he can do. She is a special teacher that deserves this special award.

As KFM’s Teacher of the Month, Molly receives the Big Red Apple Award, a $100 gift card, and other gifts. Honoring teachers who make a difference with the Big Red Apple Award from Galesburg Nissan, Tompkins State Bank, Lacky Monuments, Galesburg Flower Company and 105.3 KFM.

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