Town Pride Stuff

You remember that “Galesburg Portrait Project” from last November?

It’s a big work by Knox College artist-in-residence John Bakker, using photographs of hundreds of ‘Burgers… well, it’s ready to see. The official opening reception is set for March 31st at The Box, located at the corner of Simmons and Kellogg. If you sent a photo to John Bakker for the Galesburg Portrait Project, go see yourself. Opening is the 31st, 5 to 7, at The Box.

Same night, same location, same time… people from the Galesburg Heart & Soul Initiative will be on hand, with a story-sharing event. Find more info on that, at “a healthy community dot org” — and there’s a deadline approaching too. Can you do graphic work? Galesburg Heart & Soul is asking for logos and taglines that you think capture Galesburg’s overall character. H&S is going to make final choices soon for a design, and for a tagline or catch-phrase…and over the next two years, those two things will be very public, like on Facebook, and on t-shirts and signs.

Got an idea for either or both? Submission deadline is Friday April 1. Drop off at 246 E. Main, or submit to Deborah Moreno at