Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

  • A full 53% of women said they’d break up with their partner if they didn’t get a gift on Valentine’s Day!
  • One in five people will buy their pets Valentine’s Day gifts.
  • 24% of single people buy themselves presents for Valentine’s Day.
  • $1.68 billion will be spent on Valentine’s Day gift cards this year.Some people think it’s a boring present, but it could save you from being dumped right on the spot.
  • Within a week of February 14, 1.9 million Facebook users changed their relationship status.
  • 14.4 million marriage proposals will be made on Valentine’s Day.
  • There’s a 20% increase in profiles the week after Valentine’s Day.
  • 45% of adutls do not plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.
  • 91% say they plan to buy a gift for their significant other

    Source: Wallethub