October 2014 Teacher of The Month – Megan Lee


105.3 KFM congratulates Megan Lee, a 5th grade teacher at Steele Elementary School in Galesburg, October’s KFM Teacher of the Month. Megan was nominated by Chloe Day and this is what she had to say about Megan:

One way they go above and beyond: She helps everyone accomplish their goals. She cares about all of us. She wants us to try our best everyday we walk throught the school doors. She says if you try your best she can help you but if we don’t try our best she can’t help us because she knows how good we are but sometimes we don’t show it.Example of how this teacher has helped: Ms.Lee helps me on things i’m not good at like math. She has already helped me understand things more like adding or subtrating fractions. She has helped me learn how to write summarys together .She loves her job to come and work with me and the other kids. She has helped me read and write better. She loves to help me and my friends every day.

What sets this teacher apart: Ms.Lee makes learning fun.She makes up educational games to help us learn things. She believes that everyone will do good in school. She has a quirky personality that makes my class laugh. Sometimes when we read for 10-20 minutes we get to play the game Just Dance. She does Just Dance because it gets our brains ready to do the next lesson. I’ve never had a teacher that is like her.

As KFM’s Teacher of the Month, Megan receives a $100 gift card from Tompkins State Bank, a balloon bouquet from Casey’s Party Creations, and the Big Red Apple Award courtesy of Lacky Monuments and 105.3 KFM Today’s Refreshing Light Rock!

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