May 2015 KFM Teacher of the Month: Kurt Fowler


Congratulations to May’s KFM Teacher of the Month – Kurt Fowler – an art teacher at Monmouth-Roseville High School. Kurt was nominated by Christopher Durdle, a student in his classroom. Here’s what Christopher had to say about Mr Fowler:

Mr. Fowler goes out of his way every day to support his students.  He gives his own time to his students so they can learn and have fun.  After school every day Mr. Fowler stays with us students.  During class we only get about forty minutes to work on our projects.  This simply isn’t enough time for him to get around to everybody, so for those of us that want more help, he gives us his time after school.

Earlier this school year, Mr. Fowler found a contest for the crest design of the new Virginia Class submarine, The USS Illinois.  This was a contest for any high school student of Illinois.  Mr. Fowler encouraged us students to enter.  He convinced me to submit a design.  With his help, tips, and artistic expertise I was able to create a crest design that looked great and represented our state well.  Out of nearly 150 submissions, my crest was chosen to become the actually crest for the Navy submarine.  I now get to travel to Connecticut for the Commissioning Ceremony, where Michelle Obama will christen the ship,  all expenses paid.  This would have never been possible if it were not for Mr. Fowler.

Mr. Fowler is a teacher who really wants his students to succeed.  He spends every moment of the school day and even his own time after school helping each of us students.  He helps his students bring out the best in themselves.   Mr. Fowler is a firm believer in how art generates a love of learning and creativity.  He understands how it opens the mind to new possibilities and develops a willingness to explore.  He shares these beliefs with his students and shows them a more imaginative world.

As as Teacher of the Month, Kurt receives the Big Red Apple Award with his name engraved on it courtesy of Lacky Monuments, a $100 gift card from Tompkins State Bank, and a balloons and a gift card from Casey’s Party Creations. Congratulations Kurt!