January 2015 KFM Teacher of the Month: Molly Kleine


105.3 KFM congratulates Molly Kleine, a 3rd grade teacher at Nielson Elementary School, January’s KFM Teacher of the Month. Molly was nominated by Christy Tapper and her daughter Kylie who was in Molly’s class. And this is what they had to say about Molly:

One way they go above and beyond: Mrs. Kleine’s concern and care for her former students does not go unnoticed.  She is always checking and following up to see how the kids are doing.  Kylie loves when she gets a surprise hug from Mrs. Kleine during school or when we see her outside of school and she gets to chat with her favorite teacher!  Even though Kylie has moved on to another grade, that has not stopped Mrs. Kleine from still taking an interest in Kylie’s life.  She makes Kylie feel special and important by  looking out for her even though she is not in her class this year.  The love and care that Mrs. Kleine continues to show towards all her present and past students serves as a wonderful example for these young people.

Example of how this teacher has helped: Last year Kylie had some personal issues that arised and began impacting her in many areas, school being one.  Mrs. Kleine never gave up on US and stood beside US through difficult times.  Many tears may have been shed during this time, but Mrs. Kleine was with us, holding our hands, the entire time.  I did not have to worry so much knowing I had Mrs. Kleine to look after Kylie while she was at school.  She was always willing to keep in contact with me through email/phone and it didn’t matter the time of day.  Knowing she cared for my daughter like her own meant the world to me and something that I will never forget.

What sets this teacher apart: My daughter Kylie has always enjoyed school, but last year she LOVED school.  She made a special connection with Mrs. Kleine that she continues to cherish.  She will often talk about 3rd grade and all the great things that Mrs. Kleine did.  She went above and beyond to make learning fun and encourage the children in her class.  I often hear    “I really miss Mrs. Kleine.  She is my favorite teacher.  She was always very kind, fun, helped us when we needed it and gave us candy!”  Mrs. Kleine takes a special interest in each child that comes into her classroom and it really does show how much she cares.  Kylie loved her nickname of “Kylie Sue” and anytime she gets to see Mrs. Kleine at school it’s a great day.  Hugs are exchanged and I get to hear about it as soon as she gets home.  Kylie values her relationship with Mrs. Kleine and still loves me to share good news with her so she can be proud of how hard Kylie is working.  I love knowing that my daughter has a positive role model at school that she can count on and a wonderful friend for life!

As KFM’s Teacher of the Month, Molly receives a $100 gift card from Tompkins State Bank, a balloon bouquet from Casey’s Party Creations, and the Big Red Apple Award courtesy of Lacky Monuments and 105.3 KFM Today’s Refreshing Light Rock!