April 2015 KFM Teacher of the Month: Cindy Ankeney


Congratulations to April’s KFM Teacher of the Month – Cindy Ankeney – a 4th grade teacher at Silas Willard in Galesburg. Cindy was nominated by students Madeline Gonzalez and Avery Wolfe and this is what they had to say about Cindy:

Mrs. Ankeny taught us valuable lessons. She taught us how to use the chrome books for the PARCC testing, and she showed us how to use tools on the chrome books. Mrs. Ankeney is always willing to help students and take the time to explain mistakes. She is very nice and a good roll model.

Mrs. Ankeney got all of the students excited about writing. Mrs. Ankeney, us two, and one other student, were writing a story for fun. This is something Mrs. Ankeney choose to do.

She encouraged us in math to believe in ourselves if we were struggling. No matter what we are learning about, she always helps us. Mrs. Ankeney helps our classmates to learn more, and to be better people.

As as Teacher of the Month, Cindy receives the Big Red Apple Award with her name engraved on it courtesy of Lacky Monuments, a $100 gift card from Tompkins State Bank, and a balloons and a gift card from Casey’s Party Creations.  Congratulations Cindy!