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  • November 2014 Teacher of The Month – Ellen Rush >

    105.3 KFM congratulates Ellen Rush, a 4th grade teacher at Gale elementary school in Galesburg , November's  KFM Teacher of the Month. Mrs. Rush was nominated by Maria Shipp and this is what she had to say about Ellen: One way they go above and beyond:  She goes out of her way to help keep busy Read More
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As Heard On The Show – 11/21/14

Chris McIntyre 2

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that means family gatherings which can be good or bad depending on your family. And according to a survey, 48% of us have used an excuse to leave Thanksgiving early because the family was driving them crazy. Here are the top excuses people gave to escape the family: #1 – 24% use the excuse that they weren’t feeling well, #2 – 16% said that they had to get up early the next day, # 3 – 10% said they had to run an errand, and #4 was I have to catch up on work. Some excuses that I feel they left out include  “I just don’t like anybody here.” or  “We’re going to leave here and go have a good meal” and finally “I have to go to the bathroom and you reeaally don’t want me to go here.” According to a new survey, 24% of people chose the “loud mouth” as the “turkey” who will likely ruin their holiday feast, followed by the picky eater and th high maintenence guest. 48% of Americans admit to using some sort of excuse to take a break from the family with the top excuse being “not feeling well”. Still, 64% of people are willing to make some sort of sacrifice to be with family over the holiday, with watching the “big game” as the most common thing they give up. VIRAL VIDEO: 7 Reasons why babies are just tiny drunk adults  

Cher scraps tour…Sheryl Crow cleaning her closets….and Bill Cosby

Chris McIntyre 3

Cher has scrapped the current leg of her Dressed 2 Kill tour because she’s still not well enough to hit the road. She’s been suffering from a viral infection and although she’s getting better, her doctor advised her to “take more time to ensure a complete and total recovery.” Sheryl Crow is cleaning out her wardrobe for a massive garage sale — which she’s using eBay to do it. She’ll auction off clothes, boots, and handbags to help benefit Feeding America, an organization that she’s volunteered with the last several years. The auction, which includes more than 100 items, ends on December 11th. More women are coming forward to accuse Bill Cosby of sexual assault. A Florida nurse named Therese Serignese claimed on yesterday that Cosby drugged and raped her in 1976 when she was 19 years. She says the incident occurred backstage following a show in Las Vegas.  Former actress Louisa Moritz said that Cosby forced her to have sex in 1971, while she waiting in the green room of The Tonight Show. Also on Thursday, Carla Ferrigno, the wife and manager of Lou Ferrigno, recounted a time in 1967 when Cosby tried to force himself on the Playboy bunny at his home while his wife was there.

Entertainment News 11-20-14

Chris McIntyre 4

If you thought the story that Jose Canseco’s finger fell off, was a too strange to be true, turns out you’re right. It was all just a hoax. Oh the part about his shooting his finger while cleaning his gun was true, the part that it fell off days later while playing poker was not.  He said he had successfull surgery to re-attch his finger and he got the idea for the hoax after seeing a fake finger ina Halloween shop. According to the real estate blog Estately, Illinois is one of the worst places to spend Thanksgiving. The blog ranked all 50 states by how miserable it is to spend Thanksgiving there and Illinois ranked #11. Ohio ranked first followed by Iowa and Pennsylvania. The blog came up with their rankings using these criteria: chances of getting food poisoning, likliness of your relatives making a drunken fool of themselves, people leaving to go shopping, getting into political arguments, and the likliness of your team losing on Thanksgiving. The best state to spend Thanksgiving in? According to the study that would be Hawaii. Like you needed a study to figure that one out. As the sexual assault accusations against Bill Cosby continue to mount, there’s one person who’s come out to deny it.  Former Cosby Show star Raven-Symoné is blasting a report on that claims she was molested by the actor. Raven, who played Cosby’s step-granddaughter Olivia, writes, “I was NOT taken advantage of by Mr. Cosby when I was on the Cosby Show! I was practically a baby on that show and this is truly a disgusting rumor that I want no part of! Everyone on that show treated me with nothing but kindness. Now keep me out of this!” This comes on the heels of NBC cancelling Cosby’s proposed sitcom comeback; Netflix postponing his standup special Bill Cosby 77; and TV Land pulling the Cosby Show from its schedule. Cosby has several live gigs coming up in the next few months, but so far they are still scheduled to go on. Model Janice Dickinson is the latest woman to accuse the comedian of rape.

Entertainment News – Thursday, November 13th

Chris McIntyre 25

The Internet is all about that bass since photos of Kim Kardashian‘s oiled-up butt appeared in Paper magazine, and now one person is trying to raise money to buy Taylor Swift a new booty. Katy Perry‘s boyfriend, DJ Diplo started the bum rush yesterday when he tweeted, “Someone should make a kickstarter to get Taylor Swift a booty.” And someone has. There is a Fundly page set up with the goal of raising $3500 for butt implants. The page so far has raised $45 and the butt drive will continue through January. Not surprisingly, Taylor fans have been rushing to her defense, blasting Diplo and Katy Perry, with whom Taylor is rumored to be feuding with   Universal Pictures has reportedly signed on to release the long-awaited sequel to My Big Fat Greek Wedding.  Actress Nia Vardalos, who starred as Toula Portokalos in the 2002 smash hit, revealed back in May that she was working on a sequel and now it has been confirmed. Windex is likely going to see a spike in sales. The sequel will follow-up on Toula’s life as she deals with the revelation of a big family secret and there will be another wedding. John Corbett will reprise his role as Toula’s husband Ian and the most of the entire cast is expected to return.

Entertainment News

  • Cher scraps tour...Sheryl Crow cleaning her closets....and Bill Cosby >

    Cher has scrapped the current leg of her Dressed 2 Kill tour because she's still not well enough to hit Read More
  • Entertainment News 11-20-14 >

    If you thought the story that Jose Canseco's finger fell off, was a too strange to be true, turns out Read More
  • Entertainment News - Thursday, November 13th >

    The Internet is all about that bass since photos of Kim Kardashian's oiled-up butt appeared in Paper magazine, and now Read More

    Can it be "Dumb and Dumber To" is just part of a trilogy? Co-star Jeff Daniels would't turn it down. Read More
  • PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS: Nominees Announced >

    The nominations or the People's Choice Awards have just been announced in L.A. X-Men: Days of Future Past, The Big Read More
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