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Member of the Day

Congratulations to Kristin McCormick of Avon!! She’s today’s KFM’s On-The-Job Club Member of the Day and will receive gift certificates for 2 Big Macs and 2 Small Fries from McDonald’s of Galesburg and Knoxville. You […]

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Worst Wedding Gifts

Giving a wedding gift is pretty easy. You either give cash or buy something off the registry. No need to get creative. There’s a reason why the newlyweds set up a registry. THAT’S WHAT THEY […]

Does Your Pet Love You?

While you might love your pet, there’s no guarantee your pet loves you – or is even capable of loving you. Here’s a rundown of some pets – ranked by their capacity for “love”: – […]

14th Annual River-2-River Cruise Night

Join 105.3 KFM for the 14th annual River-to-River Cruise Night in downtown Galesburg! Hundreds of vintage cars, street cars, trucks, antiques and special interest vechicles will line East Main Street between the square and Seminary […]

Cows Helping Cops

Check out this video of a herd of cows helping cops corral a suspect.

Local News from WGIL

Ameren to farmers: be safe during harvest

Farmers may be on the fast track to at least getting their corn out of the fields right now since harvest is well under way, but the local electric utility provider says that doesn’t mean […]

Entertainment News

TOM ARNOLD: Allegedly Choked at Emmys Party

A fight broke out at an Emmy Awards party. Tom Arnold tweeted late Sunday night (quote) “Mark Burnett just went apesh** and choked me at this huge Emmy party. Then he ran away with his torn pink shirt & missing gold chain. I’m […]

JUSTIN BIEBER: To Become an American Citizen

Justin Bieber wants to be an American. The Canadian crooner has applied for dual citizenship, according to TMZ, allowing him to stay a Canadian as well as an American. Sources say Justin “has a deep love for the U.S. and […]