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Member of the Day

Congratulations to Dana Reid of Galesburg! She’s today’s KFM’s On-The-Job Club Member of the Day and will receive gift certificates for 2 Big Macs and 2 Small Fries from McDonald’s of Galesburg and Knoxville. You can […]

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Most Popular Diet Plan In Illinois

Spring is here … which means everyone is researching the latest diets so they can be in bikini shape by summer. Recent research by used Google search results to determine the most popular diets in the […]

Rudest Restaurant Behaviors

For some reason, there are people who think that when they eat out at restaurants it’s no different than eating at home, Remember when your mom tried to teach you table manners? Apparently, there’s a […]

The Happiest Place In The World

If you’re looking to move to the happiest place in the world and you happen to like blood sausage, then Finland is the place for you. The 2018 World Happiness Report was released yesterday by the Sustainable Development […]

Dog Dies After Being Placed In Overhead Bin

Outrage is growing after a dog died on a United Airlines plane Monday night. The pooch was allegedly forced into an overhead bin by a flight attendant and passengers took to social media to share […]

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2018 Primary Election Results

 — WGIL is your home for the local primary election results.   For the latest election news and reactions from WGIL News, please scroll past the charts or click here for a list.  

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Backstreet Boys Opening Restaurant

Backstreet Boys fans will soon be able to give a whole new meaning to “I Want It That Way” — by ordering a meal at the group’s brand new restaurant. According to TMZ, the guys have filed […]