Rod Stewart Busted

Rod Stewart rang in 2020 in trouble with the law after he and his adult son Sean got into an altercation with a security guard at The Breakers hotel in Palm Beach, Florida, near where Rod has a home.

On New Year’s Eve, father, son and other family members were denied access to a private party in a children’s area of the hotel. Refusing instructions to leave, Sean shoved the guard and Rod punched him in the gut.

A source on the scene says, “It was a brief misunderstanding and neither Rod nor Sean were detained. Apologies were exchanged and there were no injuries.”

Cops did arrest the two Stewarts, but they were charged with simple battery and ordered to appear in court on February 5th.

Sean, whose mother is Rod’s first wife Alana, was back in Los Angeles on Friday where TMZ caught up with him. He said, “My dad always taught me to stick up for my family and my loved ones. And that’s what I did. The truth will prevail.”