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Election Commission mailing voter cards to registered voters in August

Galesburg Election Commission Director Lisa Watson says for registered voters in the City of Galesburg to be on the lookout for new voter cards being mailed out this month.

This is done every two years by Illinois law to ensure a voter still lives where they are registered to vote.

Also in May, the Illinois State Board of Elections cross-checked the 500-plus who are in the U.S. Postal Service’s National Change of Address Database, automatically updating addresses for those they registered as moving.

The cards also can help make voting easier with personal information for voters like their polling location, and the districts that a voter is eligible to cast a ballot in.

Watson says that Galesburg voter cards are being mailed out in smaller batches throughout August to give GEC staff time to process returned mail.

The next election in Galesburg will be the 2020 Presidential Primary on Tuesday, March 17.

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