STUDY: Cold Myths

Did your parents ever tell you not to go outside in the winter without a coat or you’d catch a cold? Or that if you went outside with wet hair you’d get sick? Even though these things aren’t true, chances are you’re telling your own kids the same things. According to a new study by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan, 70 percent of parents still believe these common myths about getting sick:

Going out with wet hair will get you sick: The only thing it will do is make you feel cold. You can’t get sick unless you come in contact with germs or a virus!

Taking a daily multivitamin will stave off illness: It’s been proven that they don’t aid in prevention, and doctors at the children’s hospital even go so far as to say children that are healthy and eat a well-balanced diet don’t need any vitamin supplements.

Going outside in the winter without a coat will get you sick: Same as the wet hair … you can’t get sick from the cold. (Fox8)