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Fundraiser upcoming for Knox County Snowmobile Search & Rescue.

Gearing up for the winter months is a first responder team that many may not be familiar with: the Knox County Snowmobile Search & Rescue department. 

The team is made up of EMTs, nurses, and first responders and are sprinkled all over the county. Even though the department is based in Knox County, they’ve taken calls from Warren, Henderson, Mercer, Fulton and even have been requested in Springfield. Pat Hennenfent says, the all-volunteer 40-member department began in 2003 and is a branch of the Knox County Sheriff’s Department. “The money for all the equipment we have comes from a grant from the Department of Natural Resources,” Hennenfent says. “The only ones that can apply for it are municipalities. We went to the Sheriff and he was more than happy to have us a part of his family. We help out the deputies during those winter months. They’re really happy when they see us come out because there’s just some places they can’t get to.” The team receives medical and procedure training annually to provide medical care until paramedics are able to arrive. This Saturday, November 18th the Snowmobile Search and Rescue Department is hosting a fundraiser to cover the costs of equipment the grant doesn’t cover. The department is in need of things like: radios, ice cleats, and additional medical equipment. The breakfast fundraiser will be held from 8am – 10am at Applebees on North Henderson Street – the cost is $5. For information on becoming a member, visit www.knoxcountysheriffil.com .




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