Swanson sponsors legislation for military dress at graduations

During most high school graduations, any attire worn by students that isn’t a traditional cap and gown has been deemed prohibited. Looking out over a crowd of soon-to-be high school graduates, does anything besides school colors seem inappropriate? What about patriotism? 74th District State Representative and retired Lieutenant Colonel Dan Swanson sponsored a bill Friday, April 13th that would feature the role of the military and the significance of high school graduation. Swanson spoke on the House floor last week. “What this legislation does, it allows seniors in high school to wear their military dress uniform at graduation after completing their active duty training. This would allow them to wear their uniform – and I encourage an aye vote.” House Bill 5561 was approved in the House Friday on a vote of 103-0 and now moves on to the Senate. If the legislation receives the same response in the Senate, Illinois will join such states as New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and California which allow for students who have already entered the military to wear their dress uniforms at their high school graduation.