Long-distance critical care at OSF reduces transfer costs.

OSF HealthCare engaged in an innovative way to ensure all of its facilities were equipped to handle the most critical patients no matter where they were located. OSF ConstantCare uses the latest technology to monitor vitals on critical care patients at a distance and communicates with medical staff when further assessment is needed. The technology platform has been successfully implemented at ten OSF care facilities as well as one hospital outside of the OSF organization. Suzanne Hinderliter, Vice President of TeleHealth Services with OSF says mortality has decreased by 26% since the inception of the program in 2012. “We have decreased our length of stay over 30% from our baseline when we started,” Hinderliter saide. “We have decreased complications across the system in the critical care areas.” Hinderliter added that the results of the eICU program have led to implementations of new monitoring programs including one that helps emergency department staff identify possible septic patients. OSF helps manage those beds to ensure the patients with the appropriate needs are getting into the beds that they need to be into – managing patients’ care the right way. The idea is to help patients and their families stay in their communities for critical care, reducing costly transfers and long-distance travel. It also helps OSF remain efficient and effective with organization resources.