Maximum Performance gym announces closure

MP24, otherwise known as Maximum Performance will be closing their doors for business.

Maximum Performance opened in 2007 with a penchant for catering particular to serious weight lifters.

For years it was owned by Waylon Nolan but Art and Meredith Pitsonbarger became owners in April.

Its location also changed recently as Maximum Performance reopened on Henderson St. at the former Northgate Raquetball Club in August.

The Pitsonbargers in a Facebook post on Saturday announced the closure.

They say in the post that they unknowingly acquired debt and responsibility for unpaid taxes when they bought the business and this coupled with new “major corporate gym” offering $10 a month memberships made business difficult.

They added that they would be signing up at the YMCA and encouraged their members to do the same because of it being the last “localized gym.”

For those members of Maximum Performance who signed a two-year contract, the owners say stop in and they will give you information about the company handling the contract.

They say the company is obligated to provide contractees with another gym membership or a refund.