Sundberg interviews for Kirkwood’s fifth president in school’s history

It came out earlier this week that Carl Sandburg College President Dr. Lori Sundberg was a finalist for the open president position at Kirkwood Community College.

Sundberg spent Monday and Tuesday on the college’s campuses for her interview process – which included open forums in Cedar Rapids and Iowa City.

She tells WGIL that the selection of a college president is an important position, and Kirkwood hasn’t had to conduct a search like this very often, “Kirkwood has not had very many presidents. They’ve only had four over their fifty years. I don’t believe they’ve ever done a public search – they’ve.. come from within, I believe.”

Adding,  “The process is a good process, it’s a very public process. I think everyone will feel that they had an opportunity to contribute their thoughts about it and their opinions.”

Sundberg says she was contacted by a consultant leading the search for the new president, and was encouraged to apply for the open position.

She is a finalist along with Dr. J. Michael Thomson of Cuyahoga Community College, Dr. Steve Shulz of North Iowa Area Community College, and Dr. Kristie Fisher of ACT Inc, and a former Vice President at Kirkwood.

Sundberg says that Kirkwood and Sandburg share some similarities except for a big one, “The size and scope is really significantly different than Sandburg. Other things that are similar: they have a large district, they have outlying sites, the demographics of their student enrollment is very similar to ours – so there’s a lot of things that are similar. But that one in terms of facility and in terms of enrollment is significantly different.”

Kirkwood’s annual enrollment is nearly 20,000 credit students with about 70,000 noncredit.

Sundberg says she is “flattered and honored to be a finalist for this position.”