Buenos Aires Bakery and Cafe displaying local art soon

Buenos Aires Bakery and Cafe in Galesburg is prepping for another grand opening soon – only this time for local art.

The Argentinian bakery is already featuring works of art throughout the cafe on the corner of North Henderson and Dayton street. Drawing inspiration from other cafes that he has worked in, co-owner of Buenos Aires, Israel Carrasco, handcrafted many of the wooden tables and frames in the cafe. Carrasco tells WGIL he’s already taking phone calls from local artists wanting to display their work. “We’re moving a little faster now,” Carrasco said. “I want to say two weeks just to be safe. There’s still things to (do)…little things (that need done). We want to do a grand opening when we open the room. What I’m thinking, and we just don’t know how it’s going to happen, we want to make a giant cinnamon roll to share. And then when we open that up, we want to invite people to come, and just have a piece of our cinnamon roll..” In honor of the former Mexican restaurant where Buenos Aires sits, Carrasco would like to name the room the Casa Sierra Salon.  Carrasco says the reception they’ve received thus far in Galesburg has been “outstanding”. He says the environment they are wanting to create in the cafe is starting to come together – and so interested artists should contact him if there’s interest in displaying artwork.