Board of Mental Health approves full tax levy amount

The 708 Board of Mental Health met this afternoon to approve their tax levy for their first year of funding.They approved the full 15 cents that statue would allow which County Treasurer Robin Davis says tentatively should net them $1.2 million.

Members of the board also approved how that money would be divvied up among their four funding categories.

$5,000 will be set aside for operational costs, 20% will go to a contingency fund and the rest will be evenly divided between general funding and special funding.

General funding is what organizations, for example Rainbow Riders, Bridgeway or Camp Kidz, could apply for during a period from Feb. 14 to Apr. 1.

Organizations could also apply for funding throughout the year to be paid from the special funding line item.

Should that special funding be all used up… Board Chair Greg “Chopps” Bacon says that’s where the contingency fund comes in.

“And say we don’t get any emergencies and nothing comes up I still think we continue to (fund) that, the contingency, year after year to keep it going, until we get to a point, to where maybe we can fund a bigger project,” Bacon says.

CEO of KCCDD Mark Rudolph commended the board on their work, saying compared to other 708 boards being set up across the state Knox County’s has moved swiftly.

Rudolph called todays board votes the “culmination of 2 years of work”