Range of topics discussed at last night’s Knoxville City Council meeting.

Several new business and old business items were discussed at last night’s Knoxville City Council meeting.  

The council determined and approved of a new city employee health care insurance plan – which is a Heritage Plus plan through United Healthcare Inc. Other agenda items included the approval of the hiring of a new sanitation employee.

The council decided to make changes to the Knoxville Scenic Drive liability waiver forms – extending tear-down times to 8:00pm on the last day of the drive.

Under Information Items on the City’s agenda were two items: a Micro-Brewery concept and the Knoxville Fishing Derby.  Matthew Hanson and wife Sarah presented to the council their concept for Social Economical Development. Their goal is to open and run a micro-brewery from their home – selling wholesale brew to area restaurants and bars, with a percentage of sales going back into the community. 

Jim Eastwood updated the council on the Knoxville Fishing Derby and fish fry – hoping to create a day-long event in the future, with funds and donations being managed similar to the Knoxville Fireworks account. 

The council also discussed some hazardous truck parking on main street – which is creating visibility issues near the downtown.  Another topic approved was to Amend the Facade Program – so a city administrator can inspect and review a building before work begins and after it is completed. The next scheduled meeting for the Knoxville City Council will be Tuesday, September 5th.