Park Plaza concept estimates given at council work session

Last night’s Galesburg City Council work session brought an update and discussion regarding the renovation work being done at Park Plaza.

in 2016 Massie and Massie had been brought on to complete a design study for the entire downtown of Galesburg, with Park Plaza and Parking Lot E estimated at costing $850,000.

A steering committee was formed to provide guidance, and a public meeting was held in May to get input and between them both, a final concept was developed. The concept included redoing both Park Plaza and the adjacent parking lot. Adding turf turf area, trees and shrubs, a water feature, plug-ins for electrical, and changing the entrance and exits for the parking lot.

Galesburg Public Works Director Wayne Carl gave the estimate on the project concept, and the associated costs – which were far from what was previously estimated, saying “The total cost of that option was $1.46 million. About $610,000 more than we budgeted. So we looked at what we could do.”

Several options were given include doing the original plan using TIF funds to make up the $610,000 difference, doing a bare-bones plan within the original estimated budget.

A third option included a slight reduction on some items in the final plan to reduce costs by $100,000, but would essentially keep the plan the same.

Options 4 included the renovations for the parking lot, while just doing minimal work to Park Plaza. The final option given by Carl included the full plan for Park Plaza, while just patching and resurfacing the existing parking lot.

Alderman Russell Fleming suggested a sixth option: Redoing the parking lot while patching up Park Plaza as is, and having a public bathroom installed.

Addressing Fleming’s suggestion, Carl said because of A-D-A laws, work would have to be done at Park Plaza to bring it up into compliance with current laws.

Alderman Peter Schwartzman suggested that two options be chosen, and sent out to bid. Aldermen also giving their opinions on each of option to city administration.