Finance committee approves notary fees for county clerk’s office

It was business as usual for the Knox County finance committee at last night’s meeting.
County Clerk Scott Erickson proposed to the county finance committee the establishment of a fee that county departments can charge for notarizing legal documents that are not part of the department’s normal work. 

Erickson said that his office routinely gets asked to notarize legal documents that do not pertain to his department’s scope of work, and this would help cover some of the tax payer money being spent on .

“Notary statues allow for notary publics to charge a fee for their services, so what we were proposing is establishing a policy for the county, that offices can opt in if they so choose that will allow those notaries in any of those offices if they’re notarizing documents that don’t pertain to that particular office to be able to charge a fee of $1,” Erickson says.

The committee approved his proposal and also approved the payment of the annual Western Illinois Regional Council dues of nearly 55-hundred dollars among other bills.