Amid felony trial, Mark Rogers reinstated as A-town’s Technology Director

Mark Rogers the Abingdon-Avon Technology Director who has been on administrative leave for over a year stemming from charges of felony eavesdropping has been reinstated to his position with the school district.Rogers was arrested and booked last June on three counts of eavesdropping for illegally recording a conversation without consent.

A-Town Board President Anthony Brooks told WGIL he and Superintendent Dr. Michael Curry will be meeting to decide what duties Rogers will have for the district, and the board too is waiting for the results from the trial.

“The board will have a more clear view on what we’re going to do in the upcoming months when we see how this trial’s going to shake out. Because at this time Mark is still innocent until proven guilty, so somebody can only be on administrative leave for so long before you’ve got to take action on something,” Brooks says. “It was time to make a move.”

During his absence from the district, Ex-Superintendent Chad Willis resigned in the midst of the turmoil surrounding the district at the time, where he faced public scrutiny for a perceived lack of transparency.

Rogers’ daughter Brittany Terwilliger was elected to the district school board with a goal of mending the relationship between the board and the community.